Participant and Project Criteria

Photo looking up at the dark blades of two wind turbines silhouetted against an orange and blue, cloud-filled sky.

Two wind turbines appear as black shadows against a colorful sky at dawn. Today's modern equivalent of windmills, wind turbines use the wind's energy to generate electricity.

The international partnership for Energy Development in Island Nations (EDIN) has established criteria for selecting participants and projects.

Project Participant Criteria

EDIN's project participants represent islands with

  • Leaders who are committed to pursuing clean energy development
  • Key stakeholders (such as utilities, landholders, government leaders, or major industry partners) that are motivated to deploy energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies
  • Communities that support energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Renewable energy resources that could have a significant and positive impact on the island (for example, by lowering electricity prices, increasing energy security, and creating jobs)
  • Proposed renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

Those selected will participate via projects approved by the EDIN steering committee because they meet a specific set of criteria.

If you are interested in becoming a project participant, please contact the EDIN Secretariat.

Project Criteria

Projects accepted by EDIN will share the following characteristics:


Factors such as energy price stability, import and/or grid reliability, energy independence, climate change, and potential impacts on economic development are motivating significant changes in an island's energy situation.


Key stakeholders—such as the government, utilities, landowners, or major industry partners—are dedicated to transforming the current energy situation. For island(s)-wide projects, the government is committed to a comprehensive approach to making and implementing broad changes in policy.


Current energy prices and resource potential indicate the economic and commercial viability of energy projects.


Either necessary policy allowances and/or incentives are in place or policy makers have made commitments to support projects and to motivate the development of the business infrastructure required for installation, operation, and maintenance of the technologies deployed.


The project is likely to result in valuable process and technical lessons that can apply to future projects.


The project will make a significant and positive impact on the island through economic development, energy security, job creation, and improved quality of life.

Community Buy-In

The project addresses any potential social and cultural impact, as well as the need to garner public support through local leadership, education, and community discussions.

Selected projects will provide lessons learned (e.g., about processes and best practices) and  technical knowledge gained, which can be applied to future EDIN projects and can potentially assist other island nations.

If you are interested in becoming an EDIN project participant, please contact the EDIN Secretariat.